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AEON ZEN Releases Video For New Song 'Inveritas'. Unveils 'Inveritas' Album Details. 

Watch the new AEON ZEN video for "Inveritas (Featuring Vadim Pruzhanov from DragonForce)" above.

UK Progressive Metal band AEON ZEN will release their fifth studio album, 'INVERITAS', on May 10. The follow-up to 2014's 'Ephemera' will be available in digipack, digital download, and producer pack versions. Pre-orders will go live on April 8th. 

"This is the first AEON ZEN album to be written collectively by all band members and it really is the next logical step on our journey, something that fans have been consistently asking for," says AEON ZEN founder Rich Hinks. "It captures all sides of our personalities and it's an album of intense meaning for all of us, exploring our passions and views on the darker and lighter side of life. It's also the first AEON ZEN album we've released since I joined Annihilator in 2015, so we're even more excited for the release." 

Merging modern metal with complex song structures and a broad range of styles, 'INVERITAS' contains just as many hooks as it is complex, with songwriting always being at the forefront. Also featured are the talents of Vadim Pruzhanov from DragonForce on the album’s title track, showing how different points of view and diverse musical opinions can be used to make Aeon Zen’s strongest statement to date. 

Hinks continues, "I think all fans of melodic, heavy, technical and progressive metal can find something to love in 'INVERITAS'". 

'INVERITAS' track listing:  

1. Rebel Theory  
2. The First And Only Line  
3. Another Piece That Fits  
4. The Last Alive  
5. The Treachery of Images  
6. Disconnected  
7. The World Without Sky  
8. Inveritas (Featuring Vadim Pruzhanov from DragonForce)

AEON ZEN are (L to R):
Alistair Bell - Guitars
Andi Kravljaca - Vocals
Steve Burton - Drums
Rich Hinks - Bass, Vocals & Keyboards

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Album update + New music 

I know, I know... It's been too long since we gave a real update, so here goes!  
The new Aeon Zen album is 100% completed, musically. That means it's all written, recorded, mixed and mastered. We also have the cover art ready to go. We're currently weighing our options on releasing it, sorting out photo and video shoots and the like, so we're getting close. Of course, everyone in the band has been busy in between Ephemera and the new album. Rich has been out touring with and co-producing Annihilator and working with many other bands in the studio. Andi has been for recording and playing with a ton of great artists, Thaurorod; Nergard; his own awesome material, to name but a few! And Alistair and Steve have been busy kicking ass and melting faces, but we remain dedicated to Aeon Zen and we really look forward to you all hearing the new material!  

Speaking of which, here is a clip from the new album to keep you guys going!

More updates coming soon!   




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