Inveritas: CD
  • Inveritas: CD
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Release Date: May 10th 2019

CD digipak

1. Rebel Theory
2. The First And Only Line
3. Another Piece That Fits
4. The Last Alive
5. The Treachery of Images
6. Disconnected
7. The World Without Sky
8. Inveritas

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Ephemera CD
  • Ephemera CD
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Release Date: September 1st 2014 (Europe), September 2nd 2014 (North America / Japan)

CD digipak version featuring bonus track.

Tracklisting: 1. The Entity 2. Soul Machine 3. Life? 4. Unite 5. Penumbra 6. The Order of The Blind 7. Remembrance 8. Rebuild The Ruins 9. The Space You Wanted +CD Only Bonus Track 10. The Entity (The Algorithm Remix) (Bonus Track)

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Enigma (CD version)
  • Enigma (CD version)
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OUT NOW! Release Date: January 22, 2013

The third Aeon Zen album.
This CD version features exclusive bonus tracks.

1. Enter The Enigma
2. Artificial Soul
3. Divinity
4. Seven Hills
5. Warning
6. Turned To Ash
7. Still Human
8. Eternal Snow
9. Downfall
+CD Only Bonus Tracks
10. Survival (Bonus Track)
11. Time Divine 2.0 (Bonus Track)

Metal Hammer magzine (UK): "An electrifying blizzard of smart ideas and gleaming sci-fi heaviness." Dom Lawson

PROG Magazine (UK) - "An album loaded with fire, ambition and musicality. There is an overwhelming sense of cohesion on this record... Enigma oozes so much charisma." David Keevill - 97/100 "“Enigma” is with certainty already one of 2013’s absolutely best and most breathtaking listening experiences you can feed to your ears, and a candidate to this year’s best progressive metal album." Tommy Skøtt

Aeon Zen's music has been described as transcending stylistic and generic boundaries, moving from soft to heavy and defying categorization as purely metal, rock, progressive. The new album "Enigma" captures all these nuances and is an ambitiously creative and powerful concept album containing nine continuous tracks showing the strengths of the band, as well as two bonus tracks. The album also features some fantastic guest appearances in addition to the band's already stellar line-up.

A fusion of many stylistic elements, Aeon Zen's music, includes catchy melodies, a diverse mix of songs and styles which run through the gamut of emotions.

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The Face of the Unknown CD
  • The Face of the Unknown CD
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The second full length album from Aeon Zen. Released on October 12th 2010.

1. Salvation
2. Visions
3. The Heart of the Sun
4. Crystal Skies
5. Natural Selection
6. The Face of the Unknown
7. You're Not Alone
8. My Sacrifice
9. Start Over
10. Redemption's Shadow

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A Mind's Portrait CD
  • A Mind's Portrait CD
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The debut full length album from Aeon Zen. Released on May 1st 2009.

1. Existence
2. Time Divine
3. Blinded Rain
4. Hope's Echo Pt. I - The Wake
5. Hope's Echo Pt. II - The Aftermath
6. A Mind's Portrait
7. The Circle's End
8. Heavens Falling
9. Into the Infinite
10. Goddess
11. The Demise of the Fifth Sun

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