Aeon Zen release new single: Disconnected 

AEON ZEN have released a brand new single, entitled Disconnected, for free or pay what you want download.

Disconnected is a landmark for AEON ZEN, it was written and recorded in just 2 days and displays a spontaneous, exposed, and virtuosic side that not many bands dare to show. Having been written during a live stream with input from fans, AEON ZEN's Disconnected shows a band that embrace social media to create a truly original experience.

The band had this to say about Disconnected:
"Creating Disconnected in the way that we did, through a live stream, enabled us to show our fans how we write and record, essentially doing the opposite of the track name and connecting us to music lovers. We really put ourselves out there for everyone to see with creating Disconnected, this is the first track we've written together as a band 100% collaboratively and we can't wait for you all to hear the result! We would really appreciate any 'pay what you want' amount you'd like to give for the song, to help us keep putting on great events and keep the music flowing!"

Download Disconnected for FREE / PAY WHAT YOU WANT at:

Watch the video for Disconnected here:



VIDEO: "Disconnected" guitar solo recording 

Here's a video of Alistair recording the solo section for a new Aeon Zen track, Disconnected! This song was almost entirely written during an Aeon Zen live stream in March 2015 with input and direction from our fans. Here is a first glimpse at the results!

"Life?" live studio playthrough released 

Aeon Zen have released a new live studio playthrough video of the track "Life?", taken from their latest album Ephemera. Watch the video below and pick up the album here!

After the release of 2014's Ephemera album, AEON ZEN have been hard at working crafting a brand new niche in the realm of Social Progressive Metal, a concept whereby the band creates and performs music via fan input through social media. This approach was recently put to the test during a live stream weekend where AEON ZEN invited their fans to join them on YouTube for over 16 hours of live songwriting, recording, and performing, with fan suggestions being incorporated into the new music.

During that live stream weekend, AEON ZEN also played through a number of existing songs from all 5 releases to date, including the track "Life?" which you can now watch in multicam HD quality with full audio and video production.

Watch the "Life?" Studio Playthrough video:

Aeon Zen Live Stream Announcement | 14-15 March 2015 

We will be running a live stream on the 14th and 15th March 2015, where we will spend a weekend writing and recording music with the input of our fans. There will also be numerous competitions that you can win!You will be able to watch the stream on our YouTube channel absolutely free, so please click here to subscribe, as we take you into the world of Aeon Zen!

We will put up a full schedule of the weekend on our website shortly, including competition timings and stream hours.


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