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8/10 - "Enigma hangs together beautifully. A Laudable devotion to making music that impresses and resonates. Truly dazzling."
Metal Hammer (UK)

"An album loaded with fire, ambition and musicality. There is an overwhelming sense of cohesion on this record... Enigma oozes so much charisma."
PROG Magazine (UK)

"A phenomenal achievement. A quality progressive release that can compete with any other new album in the genre."
Fireworks Magazine (UK)

"'Enigma', a 55-minute song, has lots of variation and not a boring moment. Hats off!"
Aardschok (NL)

5/6 - Editorial pick in top 5 albums of the year. "This will make Dream Theater weep! An absolutely mandatory purchase."
Norway Rock Magazine

5/5 - "If there was a 6 star option, this one would get it. Flawless in every sense of the word."

5/5 Pick of the week - "Aeon Zen’s Enigma is a phenomenal album. It burns with the brilliance of a lone star in the darkest of skies. The progressive metal bar is set for 2013."

97/100 - "“Enigma” is with certainty already one of 2013’s absolutely best and most breathtaking listening experiences you can feed to your ears, and a candidate to this year’s best progressive metal album."

4.5/5 - "Rock solid from top to bottom, Enigma shows a band truly on the rise creating some of the most intriguing and enjoyable progressive metal being released in recent years. Make sure you don't miss this one!"

4.5/5 - "Enigma is another terrific accomplishment from Aeon Zen, highly intriguing and very entertaining."

15/16 - "Aeon Zen is one freaking amazing band, and third album Enigma is damn near perfect."
Progression Magazine (US)

9/10 - "Moods ranging from mystic to radiant, from fresh orchestration to gloomy thrills, and many twists both in the musical direction but also in the tempos, plenty of weird ambiance, symphonic breathtaking arrangements and poignant changes with always a good balance between metallic density, melodic purity, energetic drums fills, shredding licks and progressive smart transparency."

9/10 - "Herausragender moderner Progressive Metal! Mit "Enigma" ein richtig tolles Konzeptalbum an den Start.",21612,21520.html

9/10 - "Was wirklich in "Enigma" drinsteckt, wird also lediglich der Käufer beurteilen können. Fazit: Rich Hinks vermochte es erneut, mich mit AEON ZEN."

4/5 - "Here we have an achievement that presents great variety, many metalheads - no matter which subgenre they prefer - will find something which appeals, I'm sure."

9/10 - "If “Enigma” is any indication, it’s going to be a VERY good year for progressive metal!"

8.6/10 - "It is very clear that this album was very carefully thought through by Aeon Zen, a masterpiece two years in the making."

8.5/10 - "Aeon Zen know how to honor the term “progressive”. “Enigma” is the Best Album for January and that places it, without ado, among the top releases for 2013"

8.5/10 - "Enigma is a powerful concept album which features nine tracks that flow easily from start to finish. Enigma will surely gain the attention of many Progressive Metal fans and take them on a journey to places where they haven’t been before."

8.5/10 - "An album ready to emerge as one of the major productions of the year in a register where the competition is struggling to achieve such a technical and creative level as Aeon Zen."

8/10 - "This could be the album that propels the band into the upper echelon of the prog metal movement."

8/10 - "“Enigma”, is a terrific accomplishment from Aeon Zen, a highly intriguing and very entertaining progressive unit, a definitely awesome and fascinating metal platter which is of course ultra-recommended."

8/10 - "It’s a younger generation who seem willing and able to push parameters and use technology to deliver a wider scope of feelings, emotions, and contrasts, and making it work within their output."

8/10 - "Personality at its best. Aeon Zen are themselves in “Enigma”."

8/10 - "Beautiful music and lyricism."

8/10 - "Mamy tu do czynienia zarówno z dynamicznymi kawałkami jak i ciekawymi muzycznymi plamami i pasażami."

8/10 - "Aeon Zen zeigen, dass man klassischen Prog Rock/Metal auch im Jahre 2013 modern, mit Anstand, Stil und Klasse zelebrieren kann, ohne als platte Kopie durchzugehen!"

74% - "Enigma surprised me, I won't lie to you. I didn't expect this level of bad-ass-ness by Aeon Zen. This is progressive metal at it's best. Long, but not too long; atmospheric, but not too atmospheric. But definitely awesome. For fans of: Devin Townsend, Opeth, Alcest."

"Enigma is one of the most beautifully deep and exciting albums that I’ve heard in a long time. Enigma will be a definite contender for progressive metal album of the year."


"Rich Hinks' achievement really shows tonight. Aeon Zen are punchy from the first note, showcasing a blistering incarnation of Hinks' prog metal compositions. Sonically the performance is immaculate. It's incredible how tight they sound... A meticulous and lively set." - Islington Academy, London, UK, 26th March 2011
Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine (U.K.) (Issue 16)

"The chemistry between the band is a convincing one, destroying the serious facade often associated with prog metal. Aeon Zen's return to the stage is loved by all in attendance." - Islington Academy2, London, UK, 9th March 2013

"Aeon Zen is a good prog rock band. It is striking that the sound is very good and the band has many facilities not normally reserved for a support act. The band have lights and cameras providing live images with animations that are shown on screens. As a support band they did very well tonight." - Tivoli, Utrecht, NL, 20th March 2011

"Unbelievably precise, technically sophisticated and highly skilled. And they play with so much passion and soul, the cats had so much fun and truly enjoyed playing live here, it was just fantastic... Live, here, tonight, it so much kicked ass!" - The Matrix, Bochum, DE, 17th March 2011

5/6 - "Long complex songs with lots of tempo changes and odd beats, with melodic choruses and talented musicians. Seldom we see a support band get so much leeway on stage with huge screens and logo projection screens to illustrate songs. And considering that this was the band's ninth gig ever, it was hard not to be impressed. [Aeon Zen are] welcome back!" - Betong, Oslo, NO, 12th March 2011
Norway Rock Magazine (Issue - April 2011)

"Aeon Zen impress from the start.  From the opening album powerhouse 'Time Divine', there is an energy and polish about the performance. The sound is utterly brilliant: every instrument sounds as if it is being beamed directly into your head. The start of something special." - London, UK, 9th April 2010
Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine (U.K.) (Issue - May 2010)


"The Face of the Unknown applies many new layers of colour, atmosphere and compositional cleverness, resulting in a dizzying exercise in ruthlessly precise complexity. With two such bold and well-constructed albums in the can already, [Aeon Zen] could well be dominating the genre for years to come." - Full review
Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine (U.K.)

5/5 - "Aeon Zen is a force to be reckoned with in the world of progressive metal as the new album "The Face Of The Unknown" continues to produce music of such excellence which few are able to achieve. It could very well be one of the top releases of the year."

15/16 - "[Rich Hinks] plays all the instruments and his performance level on each is of the highest caliber. This Cambridge, UK composer has a bright future and this album stands as a testament to his promising career. Exhilarating."
Progression Magazine (U.S.)

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15/16 - "Debut album of the year."
Progression Magazine

"A strong contender for best newcomer at the very, very least."
Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine

9.5/10 - "It will take something special to beat it for the album of 2009."

10/10 - "My hot favourite for album of 2009!"

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